Odilia Rivera-Santos


I have been putting on some shows around the city for the love of art with the belief money will eventually follow. And it is a constant juggling act to manage the many obligations life requires in order to stay afloat and properly rested to continue producing something of value, even if it reaches a tiny audience. I daydream about the times in New York City in which people casually walked into theaters to watch performers on a stage instead of going to see a film. I love films. Live performance is a different shade of experience, demanding more of an emotional commitment. As a kid, I would stare into performers’ eyes and wonder what they could possibly be thinking as they said their lines with a child staring into their eyes.

The process of writing work for an audience to experience in person as opposed to silent reading requires a change in meter and language, less allusions, and a presence. Words with presence — if that makes any sense. My voice is that of a sultry dictator, not a questioning girlwoman. 

I am listening to my voice and thinking of the different disguises my voice wears in the persuasion business that is life. 

I will perform my Dear God letters written by the puta, saint, and the ever-popular martyr.


I hope to see some of my readers there on 2/11/12 at The Organization of Puerto Rican Arts at 730. https://www.facebook.com/events/291566077564802/?ref=ts


Thank you for reading